Kitchen Remodel Essentials: 3 Accessories to Go With Your Countertops

In your kitchen remodel, there are some other important elements you need to consider beyond the countertops.

You’ve planned your kitchen remodel and picked out your countertop material, edge treatment and cabinetry.

Now it’s time for countertop accessories. These kitchen remodel essentials can make a huge impact on your interior space (and the value of your home) and need to be a part of your countertop makeover.

What Are the Kitchen Remodel Essentials?

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, there’s more to think about than just countertop material. This is because, as you install new countertops, you also have to make room for new or existing accessories like sinks and faucets. Plus, a new countertop material might warrant a fresh, matching backsplash or decorative tile accents to bring the whole look together.

Here are the essentials, and important things to know about each.

#1. Sinks

If you haven’t thought about upgrading your sink with your new countertops, now is the time.

There are three major installation types for sinks:

Undermount sinks

Undermount sinks are installed under the counter. Within the undermount type, there are three different “sink reveal” options. Sink reveal is how much of the sink is “revealed” under the countertop.

  1. Positive: Most sinks will display some level of a positive reveal, where the countertop edge sits back from the edge of the sink and a small portion of the sink rim is exposed.
  2. Negative: The countertop extends slightly over the top edge of the sink on all sides offering a streamlined look to your sink and countertop area.
  3. Zero: Also known as a flush mount, this is where the edges of the countertop and sink are perfectly aligned. Because it requires high precision in fabrication and installation, a zero reveal can have an upcharge.

Each sink model has its own template from the manufacturer with recommended cut-out instructions.  Most fabricators will automatically follow these manufacturer recommendations unless otherwise specified.

Zero Sink Reveal

Negative Sink Reveal

Positive Sink Reveal

Undermount sinks are commonly paired with granite, marble, quartz and solid surface countertops.

Top-mount sinks

Top-mount sinks are installed over the countertops. They are the easiest type of sink to install and typically go with laminate countertops.

Top-Mount Sink

Apron-front sink

Lastly, apron-front sinks offer a beautiful farmhouse style that can come in either undermount, top-mount or tile-in sinks (sinks designed specifically for tile countertops).

Apron-Front Sink

Whichever you choose, there’s a sink that works with your countertop material and every day needs. From cast iron to stainless steel to composite, sinks come in many shapes, sizes and material so they fit perfectly with your new kitchen countertops.

#2. Faucets

You can also get creative with your choice of faucet.

There are a number of different types of faucets to choose from, including:

  1. Pull-down: Feature generous spout heights and a spray that can be pulled from the head of the faucet (instead of a side spray).
  2. Pull-out: Similar to a pull-down, but usually more comfortable to use, with a larger grip area.
  3. Single-handle: One lever controls the water volume and temperature.
  4. Two-handle: Separate controls for water volume and temperature.
  5. Touchless: Growing in popularity, touchless faucets offer reliable, hands-free operation!

But there are other faucet factors to think about. You can add a faucet to your countertop’s sink area through a single, double, triple or quadruple mount. In other words, you might need to cut more holes into your countertop to accommodate for different types of faucets.

For example, a four-hole mounting will work well with a two-handle faucet with a side spray.

Four-Hole Mount Faucet

This is an important decision to make because it impacts how the countertop fabricator needs to prepare your countertop material for templating and installation.

#3. Decorative Tiles

Finally, decorative tile is an important element to consider that will complete your countertop look. Whether you’re looking for tile for a backsplash or decorative floor tiles, these accessories can accent your countertops to paint the full picture.

There’s an endless range of tile options! Choose from ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, LVT and natural stone in a wide variety of styles at affordable price points.


For all of the above elements, it’s about complementing your countertops—not competing with them! Also, think about how they will all come together to complete a not only beautiful but also completely functional design.

When you embark on a countertop makeover, these elements should not be an afterthought. Your countertop supplier will walk you through your options and guide you as you make these important decisions.

Try our Room Visualizer tool for endless combinations to find your ideal look … or schedule a time to visit us in our showroom to get your project started.