Selecting the Optimum Backsplash for Your New Countertops

You just installed fabulous new natural stone or quartz countertops. Somehow, it feels like something is still missing … but what could it possibly be?

Of course! Your countertops need a beautiful backsplash to complete the look and paint the full picture.

Here’s what you need to know about picking out the best backsplash that perfectly complements your new countertops:

Consider Countertop Material

First, you need to decide what kind of material you want your backsplash to be. Whether it’s the same as your countertop or a contrasting texture, the options are endless.

Considering the countertop material that you’ve chosen – and the overall design elements in the room – will help guide you to the best choice.

It’s all about complementing the countertops, not competing with them.

For example, if you have “a lot going on” in the room, or your countertop material itself has a lot of pattern and movement, consider a cleaner, simpler backsplash.

It’s all about complementing the countertops, not competing with them.

Perhaps a tile with a subtle surface texture or an interesting shape can provide the vision that you’re looking for without confusing the eye.

If you want your backsplash to perfectly match your countertops, be sure to put in an order at the time you are purchasing them for a standard four-inch height – or, if you’re going big, you can spring for a full-height backsplash out of the same material for a very cohesive flow.

On the flip side, if you have a consistent or solid countertop, a backsplash with more surface detail, an intricate pattern or a unique material like glass, metal or concrete will enhance your countertops without clashing.

Get creative and have fun with your backsplash. Once that’s complete and beautiful, maybe your next tile project will be the floors or bath!

Visit a Showroom (And Come Prepared)

Before you enter the tile showroom, search for ideas online (Pinterest and Houzz are great sources of inspiration!) or in print so you can give the sales specialist clues on your likes, dislikes and how to direct you to make the perfect selection for your application.

Bringing in photos of related areas in your home is also helpful to tie everything together, so your sales representative can make the best suggestions.

No matter what look you’re after – the straight lines of geometric shapes or something flowing and organic – we have options that can fit every price point and every application. Try our Room Visualizer tool for endless combinations to find your ideal look … or come visit us in our showroom to get your project started.