Upgraded Countertops: A Great Investment

It has long been a proven statistic that upgraded countertops such as granite, marble, quartz or solid surface adds value to a home, helping you recover much of your initial remodeling investment.

Whether you’re living in your forever home that you will keep enjoying each and every day or you’re considering the resale value where buyers want move-in ready looks, you can only benefit from the beauty and practicality of an upgraded countertop. You spend a lot of time in key areas of your home like kitchens and baths, and upgraded countertops make all the difference.

The Best Value

Today’s countertop surfaces offer ease of maintenance and a timeless appeal, not to mention incredible strength and durability. In other words, it’s money well spent. Granite, marble, quartz or solid surface materials typically don’t “wear out.” You really are getting the best value for your dollar.

The Impact of Design

The visual aspect of surfaces such as granite or quartz also makes quite an impact, so when deciding on how to allocate the funding of your project, keep that in mind.  Most homeowners doing a kitchen or master bath remodel budget a generous portion to the countertops because they make such an immediate impression on the homeowner and the possible future buyer.

Also, ask your countertop supplier if they offer financing so you can better manage the budget of your remodel project. Eastern Surfaces offers financing, which can be applied for on our website or through an app in the showroom.

Putting Everything Together

Need help or advice on how to get started or how to pull it all together?

First, think about the rest of your home and what colors will continue the flow. Does your overall décor lean clean and modern with more straight lines, or is it traditional with more organic shapes and detailing?

Determining these qualities can help guide you on the type of surface pattern to best complement your home as a whole. Then, when you’re ready, the knowledgeable sales professionals at Eastern Surfaces can show you options to best fit your objective and budget.

Countertops add beauty and value to your home. Let us show you how!