Planning Your Kitchen Remodel: Don’t Forget These 4 Details

A kitchen remodel is the dream for many homeowners. But projects like these need more than countertop material and color selection.

When planning a remodel, use this blog as a checklist to make sure you have covered all your bases.

  1. Countertop Edge Design

Updated countertops are at the heart of many home renovations, and it’s easy to see why. After all, natural stone countertops can add value to your home … and the ‘wow’ factor to any interior design.

At this point, you’ve probably picked out a color and material for your countertops. But have you considered the edge shape you want for them?

It might seem like a minor detail, but countertop edges play an important role in your design. Keep your home’s design and cabinet lines in mind when weighing edge options so everything works together.

The straighter looks are generally more modern and hold up to day-to-day wear better.

The designs with flowing edges and curved lines (like Roman Ogee) are generally more traditional and may need more cleaning. They also may be an easier target for chipping.

Some customers choose two edge treatments for their kitchen: one simpler look on the perimeter and a more decorative finish on the island to help make it more of a focal point.

However, most homeowners keep it simple and choose one with cleaner lines to keep the eye on the countertop stone itself. There is no right or wrong, just a personal preference and, of course, budget.

If you’d like to see the varying styles for yourself, visit our 3D countertop edge visualizer tool.

  1. Type of Sink

Sinks can be a statement of design as well as function. If your countertop renovation will require replacing your current sink, the planning stage presents the perfect opportunity to consider a new style to suit the updated look.

Need a quick tip? Always invest in the best quality sink that your budget will allow.

Keep in mind, this is something you will use every day for years to come – you want it to last. When you’re getting new stone countertops, the sink is usually undermounted, and the cut-out is done for the specific sink model that you choose. Down the line, the opening is not easily reworked if you want to change the sink model (if it even can be). So, picking a new sink of the best quality within budget during the planning stage is a wise choice.

  1. Backsplash

A backsplash makes all the difference in updating the overall look and feel of your new kitchen.

Make sure you pick out a backsplash that perfectly complements your new countertops. You can either match the material exactly by ordering from the same slab, or you can go for something different.

If you’re not matching the material, consider the overall design elements in the room. If you have a countertop design with a lot of pattern and movement, consider a clean, simple backsplash. Tile is always a great option for adding an interesting texture or shape without confusing the eye.

If you have a consistent or solid countertop, try a backsplash with more surface detail, an intricate pattern or a unique material like glass, metal or concrete to complement your countertops without competing.

  1. Cabinetry Updates

Does your remodel go beyond just countertops and involve replacing or updating your cabinetry, too?

If so, make sure you choose a cabinetry color that coordinates well with your chosen countertop color (or pick this out before you select your countertops). Typically, homeowners will choose the cabinets first and then visit the countertop supplier showroom to select countertops.


A kitchen renovation is an exciting project! It’s understandable why you might feel the urge to jump right in with both feet. However, the planning stage is a critical time for asking the right questions and budgeting appropriately for the design look you’re going for—especially if you’re going DIY.

Before getting started, make sure you research an edge design for your countertops, choose a new sink, pick out a backsplash and factor in the price and design of new cabinetry or any changes!

But, to make the process even easier, you can work with a Kitchen & Bath Retailer or Remodeler that works closely with your countertop supplier to help pull your entire new kitchen design together.

The professional sales staff at Eastern Surfaces is here to answer your questions and help guide you through this process. Get in touch or stop in our showroom to learn more.