Undermount Sink Reveals: Positive vs. Negative vs. Zero

When shopping for new countertops, you may encounter the term “sink reveal.” In this blog, we’ll explain what a sink reveal is and the pros and cons of each type.

A sink reveal is exactly what it sounds like: how much of the sink is “revealed” under the countertop. To clarify, this term only applies to undermount sinks, which are installed under the counter.

Once you’ve selected your choice of countertop material and undermount sink, the next step is deciding on the type of sink reveal. There are 3 possibilities for a sink reveal: positive, negative or zero.

Positive Reveal

Most sinks will display some level of a positive reveal, where the countertop edge sits back from the edge of the sink and a small portion of the sink rim is exposed. This type of reveal allows the fabricator some leeway in the cut.  Positive reveals are a popular choice because they’re easy to clean.

Positive Sink Reveal

Negative Reveal

For those seeking a streamlined look to their sink and countertop area, negative reveals can be a favored choice. In a negative reveal, the countertop extends slightly over the top edge of the sink on all sides.  However, an overreaching edge is at risk for chipping. Without thorough cleaning, there is also a chance mold may start to appear under the edge because of the sink’s positioning.

Negative Sink Reveal

Zero Reveal

Lastly, there is a zero reveal. Also known as a flush mount, this is where the edges of the countertop and sink are perfectly aligned. Since a perfectly flush mounted sink requires very high precision in fabricating and installation, a zero reveal will come with an added cost.

However, this type of sink reveal is often considered the easiest to keep clean because there are no exposed edges to catch food build-up or harbor mold. A zero reveal is also prized for its ability to add a high-end look to any renovated kitchen.

Zero Sink Reveal


When you select a new sink for your project, each manufacturer provides a specific template on how to do the cut-out for that particular model. It is strongly recommended to use the manufacturer’s instructions and not change their intended look.

Although there are a few different possibilities regarding the cut-out for your sink opening, countertop suppliers will commonly default to the manufacturer’s specifications unless a homeowner has made a particular request for something else.

Whatever your choice for your project, all three types of sink reveals offer their own distinct element to your final design look.

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