Preparing for a Countertop Supplier Appointment: 4 Tips

Remodel projects of any size take a lot of thought and planning to have the desired outcome.  Therefore, properly preparing for your time spent with your selected countertop supplier will help you make the best use of your dollar and schedule.

Here are some tips for getting appointment ready:

#1. Call Ahead

If you plan to visit a countertop supplier, it’s recommended to call ahead, even though most have general business hours when customers can visit their showroom.

#2. Research Materials & Products

Before you head to your appointment, do some research online to get an idea of what type of stone or product you may be interested in purchasing.

To ensure that your visit to the countertop fabricator’s facility uses time well, tell them your intentions for product and the area of the home you will be outfitting. The supplier can then tell you if the material is in stock and, if so, can make sure it’s viewable for your appointment.

(You can even see inventory for yourself ahead of time on Eastern Surfaces’ website).

#3. Determine Your Appointment Goal

Determine your appointment goal ahead of time. Are you just beginning or exploring the possibility of the project? Are you ready to start? Or have you already taken the first steps and you just need to make a final decision?

Where you are in the countertop selection and installation process will determine your appointment goal. If you are just starting out, you might just want to learn about all of your options. If things have already progressed further, your goal might be actual material selection or tagging.

For most projects, it can be a multi-step process, so don’t be surprised if you make more than one visit to your chosen countertop supplier to meet your needs.

The most important thing is that you are prepared each time you have an appointment. You should always have a goal in mind for a visit that you can relay to the sales associate.

#4. Compile Supporting Elements

Gather your supporting elements together like cabinet wood, room photos, other related samples and a dimensioned area floorplan to bring to your supplier visit. All of this will help ensure a productive sales consultation and save you a lot of time from your busy schedule.

Ready to get started – or continue the process? Explore your options for next steps here.