Home Remodeling: DIY vs. Professional

The average person may go through a kitchen or bath remodel project only once or twice in their lifetime. It’s certainly not a routine do-it-yourself project that’s done more regularly, like painting or rearranging furniture.

So, how do you know if you can coordinate the project yourself, and when is it best to rely on the professionals?

Small Scoped Projects

If your plan is to keep your existing cabinetry and simply “facelift” your kitchen or bath by replacing the countertops and perhaps finishing it off with some new hardware or a backsplash, you can probably tackle the project yourself.

Your countertop and tile vendor, Eastern Surfaces, can remove most existing countertops as an option of their install process and provide assistance with the plumbing and tile installation. Thus handling the majority of your schedule coordination, something most people find challenging on their own.

Wider Scoped Projects

If your intended project has a wider scope – including new cabinets and more trades – it often times makes more sense to have your chosen kitchen and bath showroom or contractor handle the coordination of the overall job instead of you attempting the task.

The professionals who do this work every day can be very helpful beyond the design and the cabinetry itself. They can provide invaluable input and coordinate the services from all your involved vendors. You won’t have to worry about the timing, gathering individual quotes and trying to pull it all together.


Keeping your home fresh and updated is an important aspect of holding the value on your investment, especially if you intend to resell down the road, but it should also bring you years of joy and comfort and enhance your daily life.

When starting on a dream update, try to stay focused on the end result and the pleasure that it will bring in bettering the function and beautifying the overall space. Minimize your stress by working with industry professionals who can make sure things run smoothly, on time and on budget.

We are proud to have serviced thousands of satisfied customers over the last 25+ years and look forward to adding you to our list. Let’s get started on a project, together!