Why You Should Choose Solid Surface

Even though solid surface was invented over 50 years ago, it seems like, today, a whole new audience is discovering the beauty, practicality and versatility of solid surface product for their countertops and beyond!

The warm and inviting touch of solid surface contrasts the cool sleekness of quartz, granite or marble. And it’s appealing to a whole new group of consumers and generation of homeowners.

Solid surface is an ideal countertop surface for kitchens and baths alike for a number of reasons.

Ease of Cleaning

Solid surface is non-porous and renewable. Use marks and surface stains can be easily removed by simple cleaning methods or on-site sanding techniques for tougher blemishes.

As with any countertop investment, you will want to take good care by using hot pads and trivets for hot plates or pans and cutting boards to minimize scratches over time.

Unique Features

Unique features, like an integrated sink and the ability to cove the backsplash, are also attracting new fans to the material. The modern color and pattern palette available is interesting and vast and can even give you the look of natural stone – with all the benefits of solid surface.

Product Versatility

There are so many options for other solid surface products as well. You’re only limited to your imagination.

Since it’s thermoformable, you can create organic shapes, as well as angular ones for furniture pieces, custom shower bases, wall cladding or one-of-a-kind decorative ceiling treatments.

The sheet material can also be engraved and routed, so you can create the illusion of individual tiles in kitchen backsplashes without having to actually install tiles.

Solid Surface: Countertops and Beyond!

Whether you’re planning a kitchen, bath or any other home improvement project, consider solid surface for your countertop and cladding needs.

Talk with the experts – Eastern Surfaces has 40 years of solid surface experience and can help you explore and create your dream space. Let’s get started!