What’s the Difference Between a Remnant and a Partial Slab?

You may have heard the terms remnant and partial slab if you have considered doing a smaller reno project in your home, particularly if you were in need of stone items like a vanity top, fireplace mantel, tabletop or shower pieces.

But what exactly are remnants and partial slabs? And how are they similar or different?


A remnant refers to the remaining portion of a stone slab that has already been cut into for countertop pieces. The leftover portion, or remnant, is unusable with the next lot of that color. This is because the stones are natural, and nature varies.

This presents a great opportunity and value to the consumer. Because the remnant is therefore a stand-alone piece, it can be offered at true bargain pricing and is perfect for all those smaller square footage jobs.

Partial Slab

At Eastern Surfaces, we use the term remnant for granite and the term partial slab for a quartz product.

Just like a granite remnant, a quartz partial slab offers significant value to the homeowner on smaller sized projects.

Say, for example, someone selected a quartz color for their powder room vanity top, and we did not have a partial slab of that particular color. An entire slab would need to be brought in to fulfill that order – and the cost would reflect that.

However, if someone selected a quartz color where we had a partial slab in stock, we could simply apply our standard pricing method.

At Eastern Surfaces, we use the term remnant for granite and the term partial slab for a quartz product.

Smaller Scale Jobs

Whether you are selecting a granite remnant or quartz partial slab for your task at hand, here are some things to keep in mind for those smaller scale jobs –

  • A piece is sold “as is,” and is most likely the only one of that color or lot.
  • They are typically best suited for smaller size projects where the entire job can be fabricated from one remnant/partial slab.
  • Should your job require multiple pieces and they are available, please keep in mind that any seam placement and color match may not be optimal.

No matter how large or small an area, granite and quartz are beautiful enhancements to any home.

Come see exactly how economical the Eastern Surfaces remnant and partial slab program can be to complete just about any room in your house by checking out our website or visiting our showroom.