Why We Love Marble Countertops

For hundreds of years, marble has been used in construction. Did you know that it was the primary material used to build the Taj Mahal, the Pantheon and the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Now, it’s also in your kitchen and bath. You’re in good company.  This proves that this beautiful and durable material is timeless, yet still right on trend for today.

Marble is typically found amongst the oldest parts of the earth’s crust. This mined natural treasure gives your home not only the warmth and character that can only come from mother nature herself but can also lend itself to an ultramodern and sleek look depending on the design. Pair with your choice of decorative edge options for a truly unique countertop. A work of art.

Timeless Marble Features

The allure of marble seems to be endless. From the distinctive one-of-a-kind patterning to its milky translucency to its range of color, this stone can be the perfect solution for many rooms or living spaces.

Naturally heat resistant, marble does not heat up as quickly or absorb the energy as much as some other types of materials. Therefore, it helps interior spaces remain cool – a true friend to bakers!

Marble is well-known for its gloss and reflectiveness. In fact, the word itself originates from the Greek word “marmar”- a verb that means to glisten.

Caring for Marble Countertops

As with any investment, you will want to take good care of your marble countertops. Simple maintenance will help protect and minimize their wear.  Marble is softer than other materials like granite, so it does require a little more care to maintain its original surface quality.

Tops from Eastern Surfaces are sealed when they go in your home, but afterward, it’s recommended to reseal periodically to help guard against any potential staining brought on by everyday use.

It’s best to use only mild cleansers with a neutral pH, avoiding those with abrasives, ammonia or other harsh agents. Clean spills promptly; particularly wine, juices and vinegar. Coasters, trivets and cutting boards are recommended.

Although marble is not optimal for high-traffic, high-activity areas, if maintained properly this material will make quite a backdrop for entertaining and daily life.

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