Monthly Archives: April, 2019

Solid Surface: The Cool “New” Countertop Material

Solid What? When it goes up against natural marble, granite or quartz, solid surface is an easily overlooked product. Read More

Can Stone Countertops Be Chipped, or Scratched?

The natural beauty of stone from its unique variety of colors and patterns as a result of millions of years of geological transformations makes it hard to beat. Read More

Design Trend: Pick What Speaks to You

Quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, solid surface – the list of all of the different design choices available to you for your countertops may sound overwhelming at first. But it’s not; it’s all good! Read More

Can Existing Stone Countertops Be Reworked?

There are many different situations where homeowners ask for their stone countertops to be reworked – and this can be a mightier task than it may seem. Read More