Can Existing Stone Countertops Be Reworked?

From transferring countertops to another part of the house to replacing under-mount sinks, there are many different situations where homeowners ask for their stone countertops to be reworked – and this can be a mightier task than it may seem.

Can existing stone countertops be reworked? This is not always so easy to answer. A lot of conditions apply to the response. Here’s what you should consider for different scenarios.

Understand the Risk

Before you dive into a project that involves uninstalling countertops, know that there is a level of risk involved. The possibility of breakage or damage exists even with the most skilled workers. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of that and assume the responsibility.

Once this is established, many things can successfully be reworked.

Sink Replacement

There are two types of sink installs into countertops: under-mounts and top-mounts.

We’re commonly asked to help replace a sink that has been undermounted. At the time the countertops were originally installed, the undermount sink cut-out was done specifically for that sink model.

To replace, the new sink would need to be another of that same exact sink, if it is still available, or something that can work with the existing cut-out.

Sometimes to do that the tops have to be uninstalled, reworked in the shop, then reinstalled – and that can add-up.

A more cost-effective option for sink replacement is to consider a top-mount sink instead. Most times, this replacement can be done onsite.

Countertop Relocation

Often times, when homeowners are getting new countertops, they ask to reuse the existing granite tops in another area in the home, like the laundry or basement.

The majority of the time, this is possible – given that the measurements work. Sometimes, the rework can be done onsite, but other times we need to rework the old tops in our shop first before returning them to the job site for reinstall.

Adding Holes

Yes, we can add holes to your countertop for faucet accessories, trash, grommets and more. We can add them, but we can’t take them away (yes, we do get asked that).

Eastern Surfaces is a green-thinking company, so we love to help customers repurpose a product where possible.

Sometimes, it’s worth the time and expense. Other times, it may not be, and your dollars are best put towards new tops. Each circumstance is unique and needs to be looked at individually. Give us a call, send us some pictures and we’ll see what we can do to help!