Design Trend: Pick What Speaks to You

Quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, solid surface – the list of all of the different design choices available to you for your countertops may sound overwhelming at first. But it’s not; it’s all good!

There are so many wonderful surfaces available in the market today, and each offer their own unique look, one that will be ideal for your project. 

Design trends still focus strongly on whites and grays, but warmer tones are gaining strength once again with accent colors of blues, greens and mixed metals. 

Granites generally have bolder, more defined and less predictable patterns; while natural marble, quartzite, and soapstone give a softer, more subtle look.  

Manufactured quartz products offer the best of both worlds, including some colors and patterning that even Mother Nature herself just can’t produce.  

Quartz products have come a long way over the years in terms of sophistication and complexity of design.  Many now find it difficult to identify which is a granite and which is a manufactured quartz.  

Whichever surfacing category and aesthetic you are a fan of, there’s not a right or wrong choice, but simply one that draws you and “speaks” to you, as they say.  

Sales and design professionals can guide you in pulling together a certain look or vibe for your space – and that’s tremendously helpful – but, ultimately, it should feel right to you.  

Sure, there are features and maintenance aspects to each category of surfacing that need to be reviewed and considered, but overall these are all fine materials that will offer you many years of beauty and function. 

Throughout numerous years of working with homeowners, the largest deciding factor is color/pattern: Light or dark, consistent patterning or the more movement the better.  

Something is right for everyone.  Finding that just right color/pattern that works for you, the room design and its surroundings. It’s all good. The installed spaces are always amazing, so trust your gut.