Why You Need Solid Surface for Your Bathroom Remodel

Solid surface, such as DuPont’s Corian®, has long been known for its durability, hygienic nature and cleaning ease. As more people modify their homes with the future in mind, solid surface is becoming increasingly popular material choice—especially for total bath projects.

In this blog, we discuss the benefits and explore why solid surface is an ideal material for your bathroom remodel.

Easy to Clean

More and more people want simple routines and to live with surfaces that they don’t have to fuss with or spend too much time maintaining. With this mindset, solid surface is a perfect answer for homeowners. It’s easy to wipe down and keep looking beautiful.

solid surface bathroom remodel

Whether you use it for full shower walls or a vanity top with integrated bowls, solid surface is a great choice for your bathroom remodel. Cleaning is quick and easy, leaving you more time to do other things in your day.


Another interesting feature of solid surface is that it is thermoformable.

When properly heated, it can be shaped beyond a flat surface. This feature is ideal for a bathroom remodel because you can make customer shower pans. This eliminates grout joints for shower floors made out of tile or the need to use a generic plastic standard size pan.

Your shower base can now coordinate with the walls and vanity—also made out of solid surface.


The aesthetics of solid surface have certainly come a long way through the years – patterns are modern and more sophisticated. Solid surface can even give you the look of stripes or soft marbling. With solid surface, there’s something to fit any décor or design objective.

residential bathroom solid surface


If you are planning a bath renovation in the near future, consider solid surface like DuPont’s Corian for your dream space. With its nearly limitless design qualities and user-friendly care, it’s sure to help create a relaxing and functional environment for years to come.