Are You Ready for Your Countertop Template?

So, your stone is picked, the order is placed and the next step is to arrange the template date for your new countertops. But are you ready? The following checklist can help you determine if it’s time to set the date.

A successful countertop job starts with a successful template. The more accurate the template, the easier the fabrication and install will be. That’s why the utmost attention should be given right from the start. Here’s everything you need to prepare for a template.

1. Prepare the Property

  • All entryways to the property or home must be cleared. This includes driveways, walkways and stairs.
  • There must be an authorized person on-site (at least 18 years of age) on template day to answer questions and provide sign-offs.
  • If possible, please have heat in homes during the cold months of the year. Lack of heat may cause issues with the template equipment.
  • The sink must be on-site unless your countertop supplier is providing one. Farm and apron front sinks must be cradled and in place within the cabinetry prior to templating.
  • If the sink is customer provided, please supply Eastern Surfaces with the manufacturer and model number prior to template.

2. Prepare the Cabinets and Surfaces

  • Cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed and leveled.
  • Cooktop must be on-site and loose from the countertop. Any special cooktop vents need to be on-site as well.
  • Faucets, soap dispensers, sprayers and other accessories requiring holes should be on site. If this is not possible for templating, all relevant model information (spec sheets) should be available to the templater.
  • All appliances next to a countertop must be installed.
  • Supports and end panels must be in place at time of templating. If you have a dishwasher that is not located between two cabinets, you will need a support on the open end.

Stone – support is required if overhang is over 12” on full cabinet base.

Solid Surface – support is required if overhang is over 6” on full cabinet base.

  • If there’s templating over existing countertops, remove any backsplash if possible.
  • Countertops and cabinets must be cleared off for measurements.

Being properly prepared will help ensure that your job runs smoothly, on time and on budget. If you need further assistance to determine if you are ready for templating, our Allentown offices will be happy to assist. Give us a call at 610-266-3121.