4 Creative Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your DIY Home Projects

If you’re the handy type and are looking for some quick home improvements with big impact, consider devoting your time and resources to projects incorporating stone materials. Here are four sources of inspiration sure to provide some wow!

Thanks to their timeless design appeal and durability, natural stones like granite and marble are consistently popular materials for countertops. But did you ever think about some other creative ways to incorporate stone into your décor?

Natural stone is most commonly used for countertops, but it can also be used in many areas of the home to create statement pieces and completely unique design elements, especially with remnants.

A remnant refers to the remaining portion of a stone slab that has already been cut into for countertop pieces. The leftover portion, or remnant, is unusable with the next lot of that color. This is because the stones are natural, and nature varies.

This presents a great opportunity and value to homeowners. Because the remnant is therefore a stand-alone piece, it can be offered at true bargain pricing and is perfect for all those smaller square footage jobs – meaning they’re perfect for your DIY projects. Most of these smaller projects are done as fabrication-only pieces, where they are made by your dimensions or template and you pick them up and install them yourself.

Here are four creative ways to incorporate natural stone in your home.

1. Garden Path Markers

Add visual interest to your garden and outdoor space by placing random pieces of stone to form a path in your garden or yard area.  If you purchased a remnant piece of a stone that you liked, you can break it into random pieces and strategically place them to form a truly one-of-a-kind artistic walkway.

2. Shelves

Shelves provide function, organization and design to any room. If you’re cramped for space, free-floating shelves are a great way to open up the room’s floor or other surfaces while adding visual interest to otherwise bare walls. Shelves made from granite remnants take that a step further, allowing you to express your personality and make a bold design statement. It is important to keep in mind the weight of stone materials – be sure to properly support each piece! To help lighten the load, your fabricator may also be able to mill down the thickness for a charge, but always make sure you are choosing appropriate brackets for the task and that they are mounted securely.

Granite Top Shelving in Laundry Room (Pinterest)

3. Furniture Tops

Feel like you have too much wood going on in your home décor and want to add some other textures and visuals for interest? How about putting a stone top on some side/end tables, a buffet cabinet, dresser, desk, or dry bar furniture piece? Take it to the next level by finishing it with a more decorative edge or let the stone do the talking and keep it eased.

Table #1 Before

Table #1 After

Table #2 Before

Table #2 After

4. Fireplace

Natural stone can turn an ordinary fireplace into a gorgeous focal point.

Granite is naturally heat-resistant, making it a perfect material for a fireplace surround. It can be used for elements of the decorative frame around the fireplace’s opening, mantle, and/or hearth.

Natural stone remnants can help you creatively complete just about any room in your home. Check out our website to view our vast selection of remnants and partial slabs and get started on your small-scale project today!