How to Choose the Best Kitchen Sinks and Faucets for Your Remodel

Sinks and faucets are an essential element of your kitchen remodel that impact decisions you need to make about your new countertops. Here’s how to choose the best kitchen sinks and faucets for your project.

As you install new countertops, you will also be incorporating accessories like sinks and faucets. The best kitchen sinks and faucets are a statement of design and function.

Although in rare instances some may decide to keep their current sink and faucet set up when they upgrade their countertops, most will want to upgrade these, too. This is because these items get used every single day. It’s strongly recommended to purchase the best kitchen sinks and faucets that you can fit into your budget in terms of quality because you need them to stand up to the longevity of your beautiful new countertops.

Along with your sink decision, your choice in faucet needs to be made in advance of countertop installation because the fabricator will drill the holes to accommodate your faucet selection during the install.

With that said, here is an overview of how to select the best kitchen sinks and faucets for your remodel.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Step 1. Choose Sink Installation Type (And Sink Reveal)

When it comes to sinks, there are three major installation types to choose from:

1. Undermount Sinks

Commonly paired with granite, marble, quartz and occasionally solid surface countertops, undermount sinks are installed under the counter. In this category, there are three different “sink reveal” options, which is how much of the sink shows under the countertop. It is important to note that every sink model has a recommended manufacturer cut-out that is customarily used by the fabricator unless a homeowner opts for something different.

#1. Positive Sink Reveal

Most sinks display some level of a positive reveal. This is where the countertop edge sits back from the edge of the sink and a small portion of the sink rim is exposed.

This is the most popular choice because it is so easy to clean. It also allows the fabricator some leeway when cutting the countertop.

#2. Negative Sink Reveal

Negative reveals offer a streamlined look to your sink and countertop area, in which the countertop extends slightly over the top edge of the sink on all sides.

It’s important to note that an overreaching edge is possibly at an increased risk for chipping. Also, without thorough cleaning, there is also a chance for mold to appear under the edge.

#3. Zero Sink Reveal

This is also referred to as a flush mount, in which the edges of the countertop and sink are perfectly aligned. This requires high precision in fabrication and installation, which means it may have an upcharge compared to the positive and negative sink reveals.

Zero sink reveal is often considered the easiest to keep clean because there are no exposed edges to catch food build-up or mold.

2. Top-Mount Sinks

Typically paired with laminate countertops, top-mount sinks are installed over the countertops. They are the easiest type of sink to install and seldom used with stone countertops.

3. Apron-Front Sinks

If farmhouse style is your design taste, then apron-front sinks are a great option for you. They can come in either undermount or top-mount versions.

Step 2. Choose Sink Material

Your chosen countertop material, preferred design aesthetic and budget will help you determine how to select the type of sink that’s best for your household. There are also some nuances when it comes to the material of the sink itself.

Sinks made out of stainless steel are still the most popular. These sinks come in different gauges. The higher the number of the gauge, the thinner the material (and less durable). 18 gauge is considered the industry standard of good quality. We recommend staying clear of anything higher than 18 gauge. You can special order select models in 16 gauge as well.

Granite composite sinks are also another popular option. For those who desire some color without sacrificing care, durability and the ability to undermount, granite composite checks all the boxes. Blanco Silgranit is one of the best-known brand names available for this type of product, offering a wide variety of colors and configurations.

Step 3. Choose Number of Sink Basins

Depending on the size of your sink base, your personal preference and your intended use, you can choose either a single or double-bowl sink.

A double-bowl sink, which is two basins within one unit separated by a divider, works great for multi-functionality. A single-bowl sink offers ease and simplicity. There is also a hybrid called a low-divide, which offers the best of both worlds since the divider only comes up partial way on the depth of the sink.

Step 4. Choose Type of Faucet

 Finally, it’s time to choose your faucet. There are so many different combinations of faucet types and styles that you can pick from.

First, let’s look at the type of faucets:

  • Pull-down: A faucet with a generous spout height and a spray that can be pulled from the head of the faucet (alternative to a side spray).
  • Pull-out: Similar to a pull-down, but usually more comfortable to use, with a larger grip area.
  • Single-handle: One lever controls the water volume and temperature.
  • Two-handle: Separate controls for water volume and temperature.
  • Touchless: Touchless faucets offer reliable, hands-free operation.

When it comes to the faucet mounting, you can add your faucet to your countertop sink area via single, double, triple or quadruple mount.

For example, you could have a pull-down, single-handle faucet with a single mount, and it would look like this:

Or, you could opt for a two-handle faucet with side spray (instead of a pull-down) with a quadruple mount, which looks like this:


The best kitchen sinks and faucets for your remodel depend on your design, budget and material preferences. But no matter what combination you end up selecting, it will be the best!

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