How to Choose the Right Sink for Your Household and Countertops

Single-bowl, double-bowl, stainless steel, granite composite, apron front … when you’re deciding on the right sink for your household’s new countertops, the list of options goes on and on. How can you possibly choose one, and what sets one style apart from the other?

This is an important question to answer – you don’t want to just pick any random sink. Here’s what you should consider:

Sink Quality & Budget

Always invest in the best quality sink that your budget will allow. This is something you will use each and every day for years to come – you want it to last.

Plus, when you’re getting new stone countertops, the sink is usually undermounted, and the cut-out is done for the specific sink model that you choose. Down the line, the opening is not easily reworked if you want to change the sink model (if it even can be). So, picking a new sink of the best quality within budget is a wise choice.

Sink Material

There are many nuances when it comes to sink material and its relative quality.

For example, if you’re leaning towards stainless steel, 18gauge is considered the industry standard of good quality. With stainless, the higher the number, the thinner the material. So the suggestion is to stay clear of anything 20gauge and stick with the 18; or, you can opt for 16, but that is usually a special order, if available.

Always invest in the best quality sink that your budget will allow.

Granite composite sinks are also quite popular for those wanting some color with easy care and durability but with the capability to undermount in a similar fashion to stainless. Blanco Silgranit is one of the best known brand names available for this type of product, offering a wide variety of colors and configurations.

Number of Basins

When selecting a new sink, you can either choose a single or double-bowl. Deciding between single or double is completely up to you, your personal preference and your intended use. For example, you may want to choose a double-bowl for multi-functioning, which is two basins within one unit, separated by a divider. Or, the ease and simplicity of a single-bowl sink may work better for you.

At the end of the day, you just need to take the size of your sink base into consideration to see what will comfortably fit.

Sinks can be a statement of design as well as function. So, don’t overlook this important element and think for the future as well as for today.

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