Are All Manufactured Quartzes Created Equal?

Its easy-to-maintain and non-porous nature make Quartz surfacing an excellent answer to the countertop needs of today’s busy household – but a finished quartz slab can turn out in a number of different ways as a product of its manufacturing process. This begs the question: are all quartzes created equal?

More or less, the answer is yes. Most manufactured quartzes are developed using the same or similar manufacturing methods and technologies. However, there are some proprietary differences affecting the final results. Here’s why.

The Manufactured Quartz Process

Quartz products start with 93% +/- quartz material in a wide variety of sizes. Then, the material is mixed with polymers and pigments to produce slabs in different colors and patterns for virtually any design requirement.

Quartz brands have been available for decades and have steadily gained in popularity. They are now widely accepted by consumers. In fact, 48% of renovating homeowners turn to engineered quartz over natural stone slab. Quartz has surpassed granite slab sales specifically more than ever.

48% of renovating homeowners turn to engineered quartz over natural stone slab.

There are many brand names of quartz products available, raising the question for customers if there are differences in the quality of quartz from company to company.

The quality of the quartz sources for the manufacturing process itself contributes to these proprietary differences. The sizes of the pieces used in the mixing and their overall clarity, as well as the caliber of the colorants and polymers, make a difference in the final product. The level of simplicity or intricacy of the individual color and design and how it is achieved also contributes to how one manufacturer compares to another.

The unique blend of colorants, polymers and natural elements definitely impact the beauty of the end product, which impacts the way the countertops fit into your vision (and the way you should manage the upkeep of the countertop).

But, regardless of these differences, you’re guaranteed to end up with a beautiful slab that perfectly fits into your remodel.

The Customer Selection Process

Aesthetics always play a key role in the customer selection process for any home renovation projects – and the quartz selection process is no exception.

Because it can be manufactured into virtually any design, quartzes can fit into any aesthetic. They can range from bold and sophisticated with elements of bling to soft and muted with a sense of translucency. Others offer textures and shine variances. Some can even offer a true, solid, favorite hue.

Because it can be manufactured into virtually any design, quartzes can fit into any aesthetic.

It’s worth doing some homework before stepping into the showroom to get a first-hand look at your preferences.

You can start by doing some shopping online by visiting the websites of several of the leading quartz manufacturers to see their palettes and learn about the companies themselves, including their locations, ingredient sourcing and processes. You can also get samples directly from many of the manufacturers for the colors that you are considering.

Quartz is an ideal answer for homeowners that need flexibility, durability and beautiful all in one.

Eastern Surfaces represents all the leading Quartz manufacturers in the industry. Explore them online, or stop by our showroom for take-home samples that you can experiment with at home, daily living before committing to a purchase.