As summer draws to a close, so does our Summer Countertop Makeover Sweepstakes. And we have a winner!

Our winner was drawn randomly from the submissions we received through Facebook. Congratulations to Matthew (and his wife)—and thank you for everything you’ve done for our local community during this time.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about Matthew’s upcoming countertop makeover. In the meantime, here’s Matthew’s story, as submitted by Mark.

“Matthew (from Hellertown, PA) is my nomination for a local hero during the pandemic. Matt is the pastor of my church. When fellow frontline workers are anxious, sick, angry, or depressed he’s always there for them with counseling and mental, emotional, and spiritual support. He has helped to oversee the safe reopening of our church which serves our community in many ways. His countertops have seen better days – there are stains and chips. It would be awesome if he won new ones from Eastern Surfaces!” – Mark on Facebook

before countertops image

Check out the post on our page to see the amazing way the local community rallied around Matthew and his family in support of his nomination. And stay connected to our Facebook page to see the transformation as we post updates on the project. Thank you to all who participated in our contest and again to those who have been making a difference in the Lehigh Valley community during the pandemic.

Let’s get this project started!