How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design: 7 Elements

These days, remodels and new homes draw inspiration from a modern farmhouse kitchen design. This blended style leads to some beautiful kitchens, but it can also be hard to execute in a timeless way. Here are seven elements to consider when planning a modern farmhouse kitchen.

In a way, modern and farmhouse styles are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Modern designs use clean lines and cooler colors. Farmhouse designs thrive with heavier features and often incorporate warmer tones.

Designers today are finding clever and stunning ways to combine the rustic farmhouse aesthetic with the luxurious sensibilities of a sleek, modern look, creating trendy kitchens that can also stand the test of time.

country style kitchen

But be warned – mixing designs can be tricky. You have to be very intentional with the choices you make and the elements you use from each style. When done wrong, it can come across as tacky. When done right, the results are breathtaking.

Here are the seven elements you should consider to make your modern farmhouse kitchen design dream a reality.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design: 7 Elements

These categories are a high-level overview of what you should think about before taking on a modern farmhouse kitchen design. When starting your kitchen remodel, consider these elements and your design is sure to be fully realized.

#1. Color Palette

One of the most important things to decide is your color palette. It may seem simple, but the color palette will inform most every other decision, so it’s important to give it some thought.

Deciding on a color palette early ensures your design will be cohesive when it’s done. A well-defined color palette is the perfect jumping-off point to base further decisions around. You’ll have a better idea of what to look for when you start looking for materials, appliances and finishing touches.

When faced with a tough design choice, you can always ask yourself, “does it fit the color palette?” If it does, go with that option. If it doesn’t, find something else.

Modern farmhouse looks usually feature neutral, light colors—like off-white, gray and greige—with pops of deeper colors—like red, blue or green—on trim, doors or appliances. Modern farmhouse kitchens are usually pretty light, but contrast in accenting places is key.

modern style kitchen

#2. Material Palette

Your material decision acts just like your color palette decision. With a thought-out materials palette, you can create a kitchen that’s clean and uniform.

One thing to note here: Matching materials is a little more challenging than matching colors. Even though not everyone is a designer, we all get dressed in the morning. We’ve been mixing and matching colors our whole lives. With materials, however, you have to take into account factors like texture and finish. And it’s hard to coordinate color tones that are very similar – think wood and stone and metal.

But if you take the time to peruse your cabinet and countertop options, and maybe talk to a professional, you can find a beautiful material palette that accentuates the best of a modern farmhouse kitchen design.

You will need to pick a material for a number of kitchen features, including countertops, backsplash tile and grout, appliance finish, hardware and cabinetry.

For a modern farmhouse kitchen design, try lighter granite or quartz countertops paired with reclaimed wood cabinetry and metal fixtures. There are a number of combinations you can go with, and just like color, contrast is key.

#3. Where to Mix

The hardest thing about the modern farmhouse design is balancing the two different styles. It can force you to have to mix some materials, styles and colors that don’t typically go together.

The key here is balance. If you use heavy wood tone in some of the furniture, maybe tone down those features with cool, clean subway tile in the backsplash. If you paint your cabinets white, adding more rustic hardware can warm them back up a bit.

modest farmhouse kitchen

#4. Where to Match

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to go overboard with mixing styles. Again, the key is balance.

To create more cohesion in your design, maybe have different pockets in your kitchen that are dedicated to either the farmhouse or the modern ends of the style spectrum. For example, adding in a more rustic stove and vent hood in combination with a warm, natural stone countertop can create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen when surrounded by clean lines and modern styles.

#5. Appliances and Furniture

Now that you have all your colors and materials planned, it’s time to pick out the pieces that make a kitchen a kitchen.

First the appliances: This is a category that may introduce a lot of the more modern elements into your design. There are companies that make high-end, modern appliances with a retro or rustic finish, but most economical appliances err on the modern side.

Maybe one of the biggest reasons the farmhouse style is getting a modern twist is the revival of the farmhouse sink. And it makes sense. These sinks are beautiful and endlessly functional thanks to their deep basin. Adding an apron front sink in your modern farmhouse kitchen just makes sense.

farmhouse sink

Your choice in a table and chairs or stools for an island or bar top gives you a great chance to add in some of those warmer, earthy tones back into the design. Appliances and furniture are big statement pieces, and, therefore, play a huge role in your design.

#6. Lighting and Accents

Something that can really set your design apart is the lighting. Dramatic lighting fixtures create a true design focal point, and it can really bring the whole room together. This is a great way to introduce more of the rustic elements of a farmhouse kitchen. Dark, iron pendant lighting adds those vintage elements that complete the design.

#7. Flair and Décor

There are a lot of modern farmhouse kitchens out there, especially now since it’s such a trendy look. So, consider making it your own with your own style, flair and décor.

Something fun about farmhouse kitchens is that your cookware can become part of the design. In old farmhouse kitchens, the cookware was heavily featured. Thanks to the rise in popularity in open shelving, you can display all your unique pieces. It’s the perfect melding of form and function.

pots and pans


The modern farmhouse kitchen is a trendy style for a big reason. It beautifully combines two stunning styles. Just be sure to take these elements into account when designing yours, and the results will be amazing!

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