Choosing the Right Material for Your Household

When contemplating new countertops or a kitchen or bath remodel, determining the type of material is one of the first and most important things you need to decide. But with so many different options available, this task can become easily overwhelming.

At the end of the day, you want the material that you choose to be compatible with your overall lifestyle. Do you have an active household filled with school projects, frequent spills, new recipes being tried and entertaining dates? Or do you order out most nights and travel elsewhere for family functions?

Whichever your daily routine, there is a beautiful and functional solution just right for you.

Natural Marble

Natural marble is beautiful, but it’s best for lower traffic areas and more infrequent use, due to its softer and more porous composition.


Soapstone, also from mother nature, offers unique patterning and variation. However, it can show surface scratches rather easily. These scratches can be softened with mineral oil, but for some, this upkeep isn’t worth it. A soapstone countertop is also best for lower traffic areas.


Most granites products are great for multi-use and entertaining. Granite is very dense and can withstand the everyday wear and tear from busy households.


If you are a lover of that marble look but need something more durable, you’re in luck. In recent years, because of this on-trend look, quartz manufacturers have produced a variety of very realistic marble patterns that provide a more durable everyday surface. This is an ideal solution for those craving the softer patterning that a marble provides.

And if you have been interested in the look of natural soapstone, manufactured quartz products have an answer for that too.


Quartzite is another natural material that has gained popularity in recent years due to its softer marble-like veining patterns and colors. Plus, it’s harder and holds up to long-term daily use better than most marbles.

There are so many wonderful options that you as a consumer have today to provide you with the space of your dreams. Keep an open mind as you explore and be honest with your needs to come up with the ideal answer for you and your family.