Canceled Travel Plans Due to COVID-19? Consider Home Renovation Projects

If your travel plans suffered an unexpected detour this summer, don’t dismay.  This may be the most ideal time to focus on home improvement projects instead.

Studies report that nearly half of Americans with travel plans this summer have had to cancel due to COVID-19.  As a result, some of the latest emerging trends for this year’s summer fun are drive-in movies, backyard barbeques and home renovation projects.

Yes, that’s right – you can still shop for countertops during COVID-19!

With the sudden halt to busy schedules, many homeowners have decided to tackle projects they wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. And since most travel plans were unexpectedly put on hold this summer, an impressive number of people are shifting their travel funds to home renovation instead.

Indoor Renovations

With the possibility of “normalcy” not returning until later this year, you’re probably going to continue to spend most of your time at home during the next few months.

That’s a lot of time to spend in one space.

In the meantime, if you’re itching for a home improvement project to take up your attention, why not install stunning new countertops to create the perfect backdrop for a relaxing staycation with family and friends?

Whether your budget allows for an update to your kitchen countertops, the addition of a tile backsplash, or even a full renovation of the kitchen, baths and floors all together – we’ve got you covered. Make the most of online tools, like our room visualizer and edge selection, that allow you to do the bulk of your project planning right from the couch.

Still deciding which countertop material is the best choice for your kitchen or bath? Our comparison chart identifies the advantages and disadvantages of various materials so you can make the best-fitting choice for your lifestyle and intended application.

Outdoor Renovations

Outdoor countertop surfaces are often forgotten when homeowners consider their next home improvement project, but they make gorgeous statement pieces for backyard celebrations and cook-outs.

Due to their location, however, they do require some special consideration. Outdoor countertops must be able to hold up against time and climate while having the right look and feel to complement the outdoor space. Balancing this can be tricky; after all, not every countertop surface is intended for outdoor environments.

For countertops that will be exposed to the elements, we recommend Granite or Dekton from Cosentino.

Natural stone ledger panels and decorative glass or porcelain tiles are also a great way to easily and cost-effectively enhance any outdoor kitchen or lounge area.

Touring the Showroom

Of course, we always advise homeowners to arrange a showroom appointment with a supplier’s knowledgeable sales associate. Visiting the supplier’s showroom in-person is critical, as materials and color can look different from how they appeared on a phone or computer screen.

We recommend scheduling your appointment in advance so that the supplier can prepare for your visit and have the appropriate items ready for your arrival.


Making it easier than ever to turn your home renovation dreams into a reality during a time of economic flux, some countertop suppliers offer financing for your projects. We offer financing from Wells Fargo — and best of all, you can apply for it directly on our website.


If you’ve had to cancel travel plans this summer, have a staycation instead. This may be the most ideal time to shift gears and improve your largest investment … your home.

Our extensive selection of materials, colors, patterns and textures offers something for every countertop renovation. Contact us today to get started!