Employee Spotlight: Meet Charles, Templater

In the spirit of Thanksgiving this month, we are sharing the stories of some of our incredible team members. Thank you to all of our wonderful employees for all you do to help us provide our customers with the optimum countertop experience!

Meet Charles Shrawder

Charles Shrawder is a Templator at Eastern Surfaces, and has been with the company for over three and a half years. A day in the life of Charles looks a little like this:

  • Gets on the road between 6-7 AM
  • Calls customer 20-30 minutes before arrival to introduce himself, let them know he’s on his way and confirm address and other details about the job (cabinetry installation status and if sinks and appliances are onsite).
  • He makes his first stop between 8-8:30 AM. Charles collects his equipment (computer, tripod, laser and leveling tool) and meets customer at the front door. He then allows the customer to lead the way to the area that will be templated.
  • Charlies checks the area to be level and sets up the equipment. Then, he confirms more job details (countertop color, edge profile, backsplash and sink reveal).
  • Using the laser, he scans walls, cabinetry faces and cabinetry ends. He checks the scan for accurate measurements, then color codes lines per company standards.
  • He takes pictures of access and job area for tech, others in office and production shop to be able to confirm that the drawings are correct (or possibly determine any issues).
  • Then, he fills in job details on the drawing and creates a PDF to attach in the job files.
  • He fills in all information on company forms for the job. When complete, he reviews the drawings and forms with the customer and obtains signatures.
  • Once all forms are completed, he uploads the drawings and pictures into company systems and sends them for processing.
  • He packs up equipment, thanks the customer and loads equipment into his car.
  • Repeat for the total number of jobs on his schedule for the day!

Learn More About Charles:

What is your favorite part about working at Eastern Surfaces?

“Using my knowledge and experience to help customer create countertops they can enjoy for years.”

What advice would you give a future employee?

“Always do your best or better regardless of time constraint or conditions. ‘If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?’” 

What is your favorite color material?

“Quartz, because it’s more versatile.”

What is one skill you would love to learn?

“Fly a plane.”