3 Tile & Countertop Combinations for Kitchens You’ll Love

Remodeling your kitchen comes with a surprising number of choices that you have to make beyond material choice. Have you thought about different tile and countertop combinations? In this blog, we provide inspiration for three great looks that will make your kitchen pop.

Tile – whether a backsplash or decorative floor accent – is an important element to consider that will complete your countertop look. So, don’t leave your tile choice to the last minute. It’s important to closely consider different tile and countertop combinations when selecting your material.

With that said, let’s first talk tile.

There are five main types of tile that can be used on floors or walls:

  1. Ceramic
  2. Glass
  3. Marble
    (and closely related materials travertine and limestone)
  4. Granite
  5. Porcelain

tile comparison

Within each material type, there are a number of colors, patterns and finishes available.

But that’s not all. Once you pick out your tile, you also need to select a grout to go with it. Grout is a mix of cement, water, color pigment and (sometimes) sand that is used as a filler for the spacer joins in between tiles after setting.

With grout, you can pick a shade that either blends with the color of the tile for a low contrast impact or an accent shade that makes the color and pattern of your tile pop.

In short, there are a lot of options for tile. There are also a lot of options for countertops – from manufactured materials like ultra compact surfacing (Dekton), quartz and solid surface to natural stone like marble and granite – that come with their own set of colors, patterns and finishes.

Now, consider all of the different tile and countertop combinations for kitchens that you can put together. The number is almost infinite. That’s why we created a list of our three favorite looks! Keep reading for inspiration.

Look #1: Bold Tile & White Countertops

If you’re looking for a way to make your kitchen pop, a bold tile backsplash is a great place to start.

Use a geometric shaped tile with a solid pop of color and combine it with a contrasting grout (like white) to create a bold patterned backsplash. To make the backsplash a focal point, the surrounding countertops should be muted. For example, a bold backsplash will look amazing with fresh white marble or quartz with a marble-like design, like Cambria Brittanicca.

Here are some ideas:


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Look #2: Simple Tile & Bold Countertops

The reverse look is also equally as bold: simple tile contrasted with countertops that pop.

For example, simple white tile will look great against Cambria Bentley – a not-so-subtle pattern with watercolor-like streaks of black.

Source: Pinterest

Another great example of bold countertops: Silestone Et Marquina. Pair this with delicate, light-colored tile for a dreamy kitchen space like below:

Source: Pinterest

Look #3: Matching Tile & Countertops

High contrast tile and countertop combinations aren’t the only options. A cohesive look, where the countertop material seemingly flows into the backsplash, can unite your kitchen in a beautiful way.

This glass and marble combination is simple and low contrast yet completely transformative:

Source: Pinterest


When you’re considering different tile and countertop combinations for your kitchen remodel, there are generally three ways you can go:

  1. Contrast simple countertops with a bold tile backsplash
  2. Contrast bold patterned countertops with a simple tile backsplash
  3. Coordinate your countertop and backsplash for a cohesive look

No matter what, you will end up with something beautiful. Plus, your full-service countertop supplier will walk you through your options and guide you as you make these important decisions.

Try our Room Visualizer tool for endless combinations to find your ideal look … or schedule a time to visit us in our showroom to get your project started.